Day #73 – Saint Arnold Spring Bock

March 15, 2011

Glass night at the Ginger Man again and tonight’s specialty beer is

Saint Arnold Spring Bock

The Spring Bock is quite obviously their spring seasonal release and is classified as a Heller Bock. (Ooo new style!)  A Heller Bock comes from the traditional German style but has slight variations.  This version should be pale and clear while the traditional bock is normally dark, and it will also have a slightly elevated hop character to it that the traditional version is without.  I haven’t had this beer in many years so I am anxious to check it out again tonight.

I stroll in 2 hours late to the bar and the bartender informs me “I’m sorry, we’re out of glasses.” To that which I reply, “Don’t you know who I am?” And magically a glass appears in front of me. 🙂 Haha I’m just kidding, I swear I’m not that big of a jerk! All I have to do is text the bartenders when I’m going to be late and they set one aside for me. I’m a special guy!

This beer pours a very clear amber orange color with a light white head. I can coax a bit more head out of this but only a bit more.

Aroma is sweet malts, caramel notes for sure. Also a very light sense of hops, but it’s fairly distant. Not a bad aroma by any means just a little faint. Let’s see if it strengthens as it warms.

Flavor is sweet and malty with some latent sugary notes as well. There is a tiny bitterness on the end which I would attribute to the hops but they really can’t be tasted. The alcohol level of 6.4% is well hidden. This is much better than I remember, which is way cool. Granted last time I had it in a bottle and not on tap which are two very different entities. I would certainly recommend this!

And here comes the required CHEERS!


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