Day #66 – (512) Cascabel Cream Stout

March 8, 2011

Today is another beer from the Austin brewery (512). This is the newest of their offerings, and it’s a stout!! Finally, I have been waiting forever for this brewery to do a stout.

(512) Cascabel Cream Stout

This beer is classified as a sweet stout, which is basically a stout brewed with some sort of cream or sweetening agent. This one is obviously a milk cream, HOWEVER, a cascabel (upon researching it) is a variety of PEPPER! They brewed a sweet cream stout and then dumped a load of peppers in the mix. This could either be great or disastrous. Here’s hoping for the former.

This beer pours a very dark black color with a small hint of dark red highlights on the edge. It has a nice tan head that looks like a loaf of bread. It disappeared quickly after taking the picture though. :/

Aroma is quite nice. Lots of dark malts and sweet chocolate. Small amounts of coffee roast show up in the nose as well. Very nice to smell!

The flavor is…..GREAT! Lovely notes of dark chocolate and coffee espresso with dark malts and sweet cream. Wow that’s great. And where are the peppers you ask? Well they show up with a vengeance on the finish as a vigorous spicy tingle that showly edges it’s way from the back of your throat all the way down. Very warming and a nice surprise of a kick. Hell yeah, this rocks!

It’s draught only at this point which means you can only find it on tap at your high-class beer bars. Ginger Man and Flying Saucer have it at this point. If you like stouts in the least, this one is worth seeking out. It’s seasonal though, so at some point it will disappear.

Definitely CHEERS!


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