Day #65 – Franconia Pils

March 7, 2011

A new Texas brewery is on tap for my review today, and it’s located right here in DFW!  Franconia Brewing has been in business for only a handful of years and is located in McKinney, just north of Dallas.  The owner, Dennis, is a German transplant that adheres to the strict German brewing laws and traditions when crafting his beer.  At the moment they are a draught only brewery, but there are rumors swirling that they will start a bottling line within a few months.  Only time will tell.

Franconia Pils

I found this at the Fort Worth Ginger Man and was pleasantly surprised to see it!  The Pils was released a year ago for the first time but it never made it to Fort Worth.  As I didn’t feel like driving out to Dallas just to go to a bar, I missed out on this beer last year.  I was very glad to see it today!

This beer is classified as a Classic German Pilsener and is a new style for me!  Hooray!  It rings in at just under 5% ABV.

Pours a very clear golden color with a soft white head.  Looks decent and pleasant.

Fairly light aroma. Some sweet grain notes but otherwise it’s pretty faint. Straight-forward to say the least.

Flavor is soft floral notes with a nice mix of candied sugar and decorative soap. Finishes floral as well with a gentle bitterness. There is almost a spicy pineapple like fruit flavor in this. It’s there but it disappears quickly as well. Aftertaste burps bring up some floral hops i didn’t pick out before. Certainly one of the nicer things to come out of McKinney.




  1. Get this brand anytime its available. Been to the brewery before?

    • Yeah I’ve taken the brewery tour once before, and it was well over a year ago. I’m at Rahr on most Saturdays but I do need to make it a point to make the drive out to McKinney again.

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