Day #64 – Murphy’s Irish Red Ale

March 6, 2011

Murphy’s was originally brewed by Magor located in Wales. At some point it was bought out by the Heineken corporation which is owned by InBev UK.  InBev is one of the largest beer companies in the world which very recently purchased Anheuser-Busch making it the largest producer of beer in the world.  It is also not classified as a craft brewery, so while Murphy’s more than likely began as a craft beer; due to it’s ownership it cannot be labeled that.  Too bad as Murphy’s makes some decent beers.

Murphy’s Irish Red Ale

This beer is classified as an Irish Ale and rings in at 5% ABV. It is being served in my Murphy’s English Pint glass.

It appears a clear dark reddish color with a very creamy looking beige head. It was served on a nitrous tap with adds to the creaminess.

The aroma is very malty. Lots of caramel sweetness and dry leaves on the nose. Very earthy smelling indeed.

It has a creamy mouthfeel which we were anticipating with lots of sweet malts and grains. It has a hint of a cherry-like fruit that disappears quickly leaving you with just a feeling that it was once there. Caramel malts fade into a medium dry finish with small amounts of bitterness.

Certainly smooth and fairly refreshing but not terribly interesting to say the least. I’ll review their stout eventually (which is a little more well known) but not tonight.



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