Day #62 – Shiner Blonde

March 4, 2011

Well Shiner week is almost over, and I’ll be honest when I say it hasn’t turned out quite like I was hoping.  Several of these beers I haven’t tried in several years, and I’m noticing that as my palate changes and my knowledge of beer increases, several of the beers I used to love early on haven’t impressed me as much the second go-round.  Either way, I’ll still love Shiner no matter what.

Shiner Blonde

Shiner Blonde is classified as a Pilsener at 4.4%.  This one came out long before the horrendous Shiner Light Blonde which all but ruined my Monday night, so I’m hoping that this recipe will not offend me so.  It’s also my first Pilsener for my review which is way cool.  A Pilsener style is kind of a catch-all style for light, decently hopped lagers.  There are also German Pilseners and Bohemian Pilseners which make up most of the well known ones, which is why the Pilsener category is a bit odd.  Our beer tonight fits right in.

On we go!

This beer pours a very clear light golden color that touches on yellow.  It also has a fairly decent head response that billowed up and tumbled over the lip of the glass upon first pouring it.  It has a nice foamy white head that begins to dissipate not too long after the pour.

The aroma is fairly straight-forward.  Some peanutty-grains with a light light hoppy bite.  Altogether not too much going on but it’s also not offensive either.

The flavor is dry bready malts with some wheat grains.  Also some corny notes as well that remind me of a pale lager.  You know I’m trying so hard to find good things to say about this, but I guess the best thing I can say is that I also can’t find many bad things to say either.  It’s just kinda………there.



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