Day #61 – Shiner Kosmos Reserve

March 3, 2011

Kosmos Spoetzl was the first major brewmaster at Shiner way back in the early 1900’s.  With him he brought the brewing traditions and styles native to Bavaria and incorporated them into Shiner’s recipes and offerings.    He certainly shaped what the brewery was and what they would eventually become.  In 2009 Shiner released this beer in honor of him.  It is classified as a Premium Lager and has an ABV of 4.98%.  Remember what I said yesterday about Texas liquor laws?  Yeah.  Stupid law strikes again.

Shiner Kosmos Reserve

So I went a little crazy when pouring this beer, and held the bottle literally a foot above the glass, and the head went everywhere.  (Insert that’s what she said joke here) I can at least say that this beer has a decent head response!  It pours a clear, bright orange color with a tall foamy white head.

The aroma is a little watery and grainy, but what is there is fairly faint.  There are some corn elements also but it’s not too offensive.  The label said that this beer was “hop-jacked”.  Well I honestly couldn’t detect any hops until after the beer warmed up AND I read the label.  So there’s no telling whether I actually smelled hops or if it was implanted in my brain while I slept on a plane.

The flavor is very bready with lots of bitter grains.  It pushes to an increasingly bitter finish with some efforts of corn in the mix.  It also has a bit of a watery mouthfeel.  As it warms up there are more and more bitter, metallic notes.  I guess the bitterness comes from the hops?  Not impressed.  If there are hops in this they are hiding behind a kernel of corn.  Kosmos would be rolling over in his massive tomb filled with Bavarian hops after trying this.  At least I have an episode of Conan on my DVR to drink to!

Cheers to that!!!


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