Day #58 – Shiner Light Blonde

February 28, 2011

The week of Shiner continues today with what could quite possibly be the worst beer of the week. Shiner came out with this beer literally 1 week ago. I’ve only heard of 2 of my friends that have tried it and they laughed their butt off about it. It is classified as a Pale Lager, which is a new style for my blog….and for a very good reason. Pale Lagers are the same style as all the other watery beers of the world. Bud…Coors…Miller….all pale lagers. I’ve intentionally steered clear of this style because it is very hard to find a quality made one, and one that meets my craft beer standards. I’m not sure why Shiner decided they needed ANOTHER bud light clone but here it sits. They have released several other beers that are very similar to this and they never went over well. Guess they decided they needed another.

Being the nice guy I am, I took this beer over to share with some friends….that way I only have to drink a small portion of the bottle! (insert evil laugh here).

Shiner Light Blonde

Well here we are. When this bottle was brought out of the fridge, the group erupted in groans. Apparently they aren’t too excited about a pale lager, regardless of who it’s from. I poured it in my glass and scrambled for my phone to take a picture of the head but by the time I pulled up the camera the head had all but disappeared. Oh well. It HAD a fizzy white head with a very clear straw appearance for the body.

The aroma is not very good. Kinda trashy, old grains, slight souring notes and gym socks. Not fresh gym socks though. The sweaty kind that you forget in your gym bag until you open it up after sitting in the garage for several weeks.

Flavor is tons of corn and rice notes, with watery notes and metallic characteristics. I’m sorry, I know I don’t often trounce a beer I’m reviewing, especially from my home team but….this is crap. Don’t bother trying this. Look to some other of my reviews this week for a better Shiner beer. I’ll make up for it on Wednesday.


EDIT: Let me add an additional note here since this beer is searched for LITERALLY every day online. If you are a fan of Bud, Coors and Miller and are wanting a craft alternative then by all means, TRY THIS BEER! The only reason I am so negative against it is that I do not really care for beers of this style. It’s just the way it is.


One comment

  1. Eeew! There are very very few beer I just cannot drink…this is one! I am a HUGE shiner fan and hoped for a light beer from them I could handle to cut back on a few calories now and then…I’d rather be fat!

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