Day #56 – Live Oak Hefe Weizen

February 26, 2011

Decided to get out of the apartment today as the weather feels amazing out to. As soon as my friends get here, we’ve got a beer garden patio, dark dark beer and a cigar waiting for us. This will most certainly be an amazing day.

I decided to go with a Texas, draught only beer today that is also a new style for my blog. It’s from Live Oak Brewery based out of Austin and is classified as a German Hefeweizen. A Hefeweizen is basically just a foreign wheat beer. They are often times served with a slice of fruit (orange or lemon) that is used to accompany the already existent citrus elements and hide the dry nature of wheat on the finish.

Let’s see how this one pairs…

Live Oak Hefe Weizen

Generally when a beer is served with fruit, I recommend trying it without the slice first and then added after you have a good idea of what the base beer tastes/smells like.

It pours a very cloudy/hazy light gold color with a foamy white head. The slice of lemon accentuates this appearance.

The aroma is of dry grain, sweet fruit which is a mix of banana, citrus and lemon. There is a fair bit of yeast in this as well.

The flavor is also bready sweet with a big taste of banana and other fruit. There is a slight sense of spicyness like coriander but only in the slightest.

Adding the lemon provides a lovely citrus tart that is also balanced with the flavor of candy cigarettes. You know those kind you used to get from the ice cream man as a kid that blew smoke? And when you heard the ice cream truck coming you would tear through the house like a madman looking for a freaken dollar? I swear, wanna teach a kid a sense of urgency? Send the ice cream man by. But then you ended up puffing the candy cigarette, and you know they only have 1 good puff in them, so if your friends weren’t watching when you did it you flipped out? That gum wasn’t even that great either, but that never seemed to deter me. Yeah….this beer tastes like that. Holy crap what a tangent!

Good times, good times indeed. Cheers!


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