Day #53 – Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt

February 23, 2011

Another Texas brew today, and it’s from Rahr.  Now this beer is apparently the same beer as the Rahr & Sons Red….even though I’m not entirely convinced of this.  They are both labeled differently and are sold and differing prices even.  I’ve asked the guys at Rahr about it and they did mention that there are lots of similarities, including the grain bill (meaning the base ingredients) but they did say that there were some small differences.  Perhaps I’ll review the Red version of their beer and compare the reviews?  Sounds like a plan.  Anyways this is what is known as an “alias beer”.  I will get more into aliased beers on Thursday, when I am planning on reviewing one.

On to the beer….

Rahr & Sons Buffalo Butt

The story behind the name on this beer is reported to be from 3 ranching brothers who were sharing a beer together, when one of the brothers remarked that an ice-cold beer was the only thing that allowed him to forget about the daily sight of a Buffalo’s….butt.  A brewmaster who overheard the conversation loved the name, and there you have it!

This beer is classified as a Vienna Lager and boasts 4.7% ABV.

This beer pours a very clear, light orange color with a tall white head.  The picture shows it to be a bit darker than it actually was.  Thankfully it is nowhere NEAR the color of a buffalo’s……butt.

It has a fairly standard bready sweetness aroma of caramel malts.   It also has a soft floral touch of gentle hops that I am beginning to associate with Rahr beers.  I wonder if they have a house strain of yeast.

The flavor is very bready and grainy, with a light sweetness that touches near the end of the swallow.  It has a fairly refreshing quality that is nice and tasty.  It also has a bit of a bitter flavor that pushes through the finish.  On tap I remember this being more pronounced, so I’m definitely recommending the bottled version more.



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