Day #50 – Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA

February 20, 2011

Day 50!  I’ve made it 50 days and it feels great!  I’ve reviewed some very good beers thus far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me!  This has been a fun project and at times has been a little difficult to make a post but somehow I’ve kept it going.  It’s been enjoyable and educational for sure.

Another Sam Adams beer today, and I still have 2 more in my fridge for later this week.  I thought about saving them and spacing them out through my reviews but what the Hell?  I have em now so I may as well get them done with. Today is an IPA.


Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA

The Latitude 48 name stems from an area which is known as the “hop belt”.  The 48th latitude around the Earth is a region that is ripe for growing hops.  This beer incorporates hops from this latitude, from America, Germany and England.

I decided to go with my extra-large Sam Adams glass today, to make more room for a luxurious head on this India Pale Ale.  ABV 6%.

This beer pours a brilliant clear orange color with a tall and frothy white head.  I’m glad I used the larger glass as this has a big head response.

The aroma is lots of hops; floral and citrus in nature.  It has a flowery sweetness as well as a big grain nose.

The flavor is very dry with a large spiced hop element.  The hopped bitterness lasts for quite awhile, well into the finish.  Decent with a slightly harsh finish.



One comment

  1. Congrats on 50!

    I hear you about at times it is difficult to create the post and there are some days I am just not in the mood for a beer believe it or not.

    One thing I have learned is that there is a ton of really, really good craft beer out there to enjoy.

    Keep it going!


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