Day #48 – Shiner 102 Double Wheat

February 18, 2011

Shiner, TX.  This is the place that all “foreigners” (non-Texans) think of when they think of Texas beer.  This is for a very good reason too.  Spoetzl Brewery (Gambrinus Company) has been around since 1909, and is the oldest brewery in Texas.  It was founded by Kosmos Spoetzl, a German immigrant to our country and he brought along with him the Bavarian brewing traditions.  The brewery stayed alive during prohibition by selling ice and making “near beer” (a very low alcohol beverage).   Today their Shiner Bock is the most widely distributed and recognized Texas beer in the US.  I will get around to that particular beer eventually, but today I am focusing on one of their limited releases.

In 2005, Shiner began a commemorative series leading up to their 100th anniversary.  They would release 1 new beer a year under the label of that year’s numerical number.  (ie 2005 was Shiner 96 and so on.)  In 2009 they released their Shiner 100 which was a doppelbock beer, and was quite tasty by the way.  I doubt I will ever see that beer again so don’t get your hopes up on seeing it on this blog.  They did however, continue the series after that with a 101 and now…a 102.

Shiner 102 Double Wheat

The 102 anniversary beer is classified as a Wheat Ale and was brewed with light Bavarian hops.

This beer pours a clear golden color with a fizzy white head that dissipates fairly quickly.

The aroma has a nice wheaty aroma to it and also has a light touch of hops and a gentle citrus sweetness.

The flavor is also a wheaty sweetness that has another touch of citrus. Actually this is quite enjoyable and finishes with only a touch of bitterness.

You are guaranteed to see the entire Shiner line-up on here at some point.  In fact I may do a week completely devoted to Shiner coming soon.  I like that idea.  Let’s make it happen.


EDIT: I picked up this cool Shiner 102 glass literally a few weeks after my review.  It’s a shame I didn’t get it in time for the beer itself.



  1. Prosit!

  2. Good stuff brah. Enjoying one now.

  3. Just picked up a 6 pack. Can’t wait to try it.

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