Day #47 – Dundee Festive Ale

February 17, 2011

Day 47.  Still going strong.  Today I am reviewing a beer that was given to me by a friend.  Thanks Mike and Brian!

Dundee Festive Ale

Dundee Festive Ale is brewed by the Dundee Brewing Company.  Well, I say that but I should clarify.  It is released through the Dundee Brewing Company but it is actually brewed at the Genesee Brewery.  This is what is known as a contract brew.  A lot of times brewing companies will contract another brewer to craft their beer for them in exchange for payment.  This often happens when a brewing company does not have a brewing site of it’s own.  In this case the Dundee brand was actually purchased by Genesee but still maintains it’s original label.  They are based out of Rochester, NY and have a fairly wide distribution area.

The festive ale is a spice/herb/vegetable beer, that says it was brewed with nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and orange peel.  It rings in at 6.3%.

On we go….

This beer pours a very crisp and clear bright orange color with a tall, fizzy cream-white head.  The head stands tall for a while before finally retreating to the glass.

The aroma is subdued but pleasant.  It starts off sweet like a sweet bread or grainy characteristic but then the spices are immediately felt as well.  The orange citrus and allspice are what can really be pulled from the aroma; not so much on the cinnamon and nutmeg which is a little surprising.   Usually nutmeg is enough to overpower any beer it is put into.  Perhaps this is a sign of decent balance?

The flavor is spicy-sweet with a big grainy feel and finish with the spices coming into play near the end.  A cinnamon/nutmeg burn can be felt on the swallow, and these flavors are only tasted after the drink is finished.  Fairly easy drinking and not overpowering with just a bit of spicy tingle.

I was expecting much worse but this actually turned out fairly nice.



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