Day #46 – SKA Pinstripe Red Ale

February 16, 2011

I’ve got a beer from Colorado today, this time from SKA Brewing.  They are a brewery based out of Durango, CO that is really known for it’s unique label design and skater-esque pictures.

SKA Pinstripe Red Ale

This beer is classified as an Amber Ale, and has been hopped with Liberty hops.  Here we go…

The first thing I notice is that this beer has a sweet-ass label!  Check it out, it’s a skull & crossbones with the skull wearing a bowler hat with a “rose” clutched in it’s jaws, that upon closer inspection is revealed that the rose is actually two hop cones with long stems.  Oh yeah, and the crossbones are actually bowling pins.  How cool is this?

Guess I should actually pour the beer and talk about that too.  The beer pours  a clear amber orange color with a tall, foamy white head.  The head begins to dissipate fairly quickly and leaves some sticky white residue near the edges of the glass.

The aroma is mainly sweet caramel malts, with some sticky earthy grains and a light sense of hops.  Liberty hops aren’t too aggressive so that makes sense that it wouldn’t show up much in the smell.

The flavor is upfront a bit dry and bitter that turns into a grainy, bready sweetness.  There is a slight tingle over the palate.  It also has a bit of a tea-leaf type flavor and smell as it warms up.  The finish however is fairly bitter and not very refreshing.  Cool freaken label though.



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