Day #45 – Sam Adams Light

February 15, 2011

Yes I know, another freaken Sam Adams beer.  I tell you, I’ve got a ton of these available to me, and I had a few of them come into my possession without me seeking it out, so I figure as long as I’ve got it and it’s available here, why not review it?  Holy crap I’ve got 320 beers left so I’ll get to some other stuff…..eventually.  For today, another beer from Boston Beer Company.  At least I am adding a new style to my Categories list!

Sam Adams Light

This beer is classified as a Premium Lager, which is basically a pale lager on steroids.  Premium Lagers are typically light and clear with a bit more taste than a pale lager.  They are usually brewed with a bit more actual ingredients and often times do not use adjuncts.  Either way, it’s like dressing a hobo in a tux.  Let’s see how ole’ Boston Beer puts their spin on it.

Right off the bat I can tell you this beer does not appear like any other Premium Lager I’ve seen before.  It is much darker and much more appealing.  The color is a clear copper orange with a foamy white head.  There is lots of carbonation emanating from the base of the glass.

The aroma is light and grainy with a slight bit of sweetness and metal.  I’m not really detecting many, if any hops in this.

The flavor is slightly dry, with big sweet grains over the tongue.  There is a slight tingle, but only a small one.  It finishes with a small bitterness that comes from the dry grains.  Perhaps the light use of hops can create this feeling as well.

Well I can admit this was much better than I was expecting.  If you are a Bud drinker only and are looking for something to slowly get you into something of higher quality, I’d look to this beer.



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