Day #42 – Blue Star Smoke Dark Ale

February 12, 2011

Well it’s my last evening in San Antonio, so I hit up another brewpub this evening for dinner. This place is called Blue Star Brewing Company and is a fairly trendy place. Lots of tattoos and crazy stuff on the walls. Exciting.

Well tonight I am reviewing their smoked beer, which is a new style for my blog. A smoked beer is typically made by taking the Malta and specialty grains and placing them in a smoker for awhile. This almost always imparts a smoky, beefy aroma and flavor. It’s not the greatest style to gulp down at the end of a long day, but it sure pairs well with Texas BBQ!

Blue Star Smoke Dark Ale

This beer pours a dark amber/copper color with a white film of head spread evenly across the top.

Aroma makes itself known right away. I pick up a lot of spicy beef smoke with some peppery elements and a tad bit of dishwater. Not sure what that last aroma is about.

Flavor is immediately a smoked, spicy beef jerky with a dry tingly backbone. It finishes with a fair bit of dryness. Not bad but I would have liked the smokiness to be more thick and tangible. Right now it’s slightly light-bodied, and I want more!!



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