Day #38 – Widmer Brothers KGB Russian Imperial Stout

February 8, 2011

On the road at the Ginger Man pub again.  Missed last week’s glass night due to winter road conditions so I’m trying to get back in the swing of things.  This will be the first time I’ve ever had this beer too, so it’s doubly exciting!

Widmer Brothers KGB Russian Imperial Stout

Widmer Brothers was founded the year I was born, in 1984 in Portland, OR.  It was founded by 2 brothers and is currently the 7th largest craft brewery in the United States.  They started a commemorative series in 2005 in which they would feature a new beer every year.  The KGB was featured as their W’11 beer.  It is classified as an Imperial Stout at 9.25% ABV.  Too bad I didn’t have this guy at my tasting on Saturday too!  Would have been a nice addition.

On to the beer…

This beer pours very dark black with a frothy tannish head. It is letting very little light through at all.

The aroma is a little difficult to detect as the bar is a bit smoky tonight. This is one of the perils of reviewing in a bar; often times your senses are impaired in some way. What I can smell is very dark malts and toasted grains. Has a bit of a nitrous smell similar to draught stouts.

Flavor is dark malts, roasted grain, slightly sweet sugar that fades into a almost burnt aftertaste. Roasted nuts and ashy chocolate can be tasted on the finish.

Perhaps the bar didn’t detract too much from this after all, as it already has a pretty roasted character.

Maybe I’m a tad bit skeptical after the amazing Imperial Stouts I had over the weekend, but this one just isn’t doing much for me. Far to ashy on the finish. Very dry.

Cheers anyway!


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