Day #33 – New Belgium Fat Tire

February 3, 2011

Frozen in for the 3rd day in a row now, and I just got word that I’m off work again tomorrow.  I’m out of stouts so I’ll have to make do with an….amber ale.  Oh well.

New Belgium Fat Tire

This is the 2nd New Belgium beer I’ve review and this is their front runner; their bread winner; the big one.  Fat Tire.  The story behind this beer is that it was named after the founder’s biking trip through Belgium.  It is classified as an Amber Ale but utilizes some different spices and ingredients than a standard one.   Let’s see how it turns out.

On to the beer…

It pours a very clear copper orange hue with a tall, foamy white head.  Small bits of bubbles rising from the bottom.

The aroma is that of biscuit malt, berries, orange peel, coriander and some form of earthy root.   Very lively smell.

Flavor is dry and woody, with some more earthy root tones.  Not sure which but it certain gives this beer a unique taste and flavor.  There is a light hoppiness that also comes through near the end and the finish.  Aftertaste is almost chocolaty yet…not.  Very unique indeed.

Well the first time I tried this I absolutely hated it.  This time around while I’m not in love with it, I at least have some good things to say about it.  Strange how time changes perspective.



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  1. Hey, thanks for the review! This is a sweet project, good luck.

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