Day #28 – Smithwicks Ale

January 30, 2011

Day 28 is coming in just a tad late.  I was quite busy today and am just now finding time to write a review.

Smithwicks Ale

Today is a classic beer, Smithwicks Ale.  It was originally brewed by the same company that started Guinness but now is brewed by Dundalk out of Ireland.  This company split from the original Guinness Brewer St. James Gate and now concentrates on Smithwick’s and Harp.  This is classified as and Irish Ale, and is considered by many to be the end-all of Irish Ales.  We’ll see how it turns out.

This beer pours a clear orangish-red and has a nice, tall white head atop it.  It forms well inside this Guinness English Pint, which is the appropriate glassware for the style.

The aroma is lots of sweet malts, dry grains and a bit of mossy tendencies.  It smells sweet, but also has a briny character to it as well.  Interesting.

The flavor is fairly nice.  Starts off with a dry grain and semi-sweet malt that morphs into a bitterness that prevails throughout the end to the finish.  There are some sweet notes in this but they pale in comparison to the dryness that edges out the end.

Interesting and not bad, but I would liken it to a very quick drink to get you to the next beer.



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