Day #24 – Harpoon Winter Warmer

January 25, 2011

2 dozen beer reviews under my belt and still going strong. On the road again to pick up a new glass…and it turns out to be a glass that I already have 2 of. 😦 It’s not even that appropriate for this particular beer, as it’s labeled with one of their other beers. Oh well. Here’s what I’m going to do then: Since I am in a festive mood and celebrating 24 reviews, I’m going to give something back to you, the reader. The first person who comments that they want the glass on this post will get the glass pictured FOR FREE! Kind of a thank you for checking out my blog.

On to the beer…

Harpoon Winter Warmer

Another beer from Harpoon, this time I’m enjoying it on tap. This particular beer is also available in bottles widely distributed across the area.

It is classified as something a little strange, Spice/Herb/Vegetable. This style is usually applicable when a sizable portion of the ingredients are one of those three things. In this case, this beer is brewed with a couple of spices, cinnamon and nutmeg. Brewing with spices can sometimes be dicey, as even the smallest amounts of a spice and drastically change the flavor and aroma. If the ratio is incorrect, the beer could turn out extremely overbearing. Let’s see how Harpoon did here.

The pour is a clear copper orange color with a decent sized foamy, off-white head. There is no sediment apparent in the appearance.

The aroma isn’t overbearing thankfully, but it does have a strong gingerbread scent. There are some sweet notes with a maltyness present as well as a soapy characteristics. I did just wash my hands though…..

Flavor is dry and pretty spicy. Floral flavors like decorative soap (it wasn’t my hands) and lots of ginger. The cinnamon is felt in the finish but is incredibly dry and bitter. The Ginger also morphs into a plastic-like mouthfeel and taste.

Uh…so I usually try to leave my reviews open-ended so that the reader may form their own opinion, but it’s difficult in this case. I will say if you find yourself with a crapload of gingerbread cookies to eat, and are simultaneously craving a beer, reach for this one!




  1. Gimme that glass! I have a lot of glasses and not much space so if someone else wants it, I will forfeit my prize.

  2. If Roadrunner doesn’t want the glass…I will gladly take it off of your hands. I need more as it is but my wife always complains I have too many. You can never have too many beer glasses!!!

  3. I’ll hook both of you guys up! Roadrunner you can pick it up when you come to my house next week, and kingbob send me your address on ratebeer.

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