Day #23 – Stone Pale Ale

January 24, 2011

Well yesterday was a brew day for me, and I brewed an American Pale Ale which I lovingly decided to call, “Sarah Pale-alin”.  Naming homebrews are almost as much fun as making them/drinking them.  Well, drinking them is pretty awesome….but the names are a close second!  Anyways, since I brewed a beer of that styles yesterday, I figured it would be appropriate to review a commercial beer of the same style today.  I went with a very unapologetic beer from an even more unapologetic company, Stone.

Stone Pale Ale

Stone Brewing Company is based out of Escondido, California and they have several beers distributed throughout the north Texas area.  They are well known for having very intense beers, with extreme hop values and sharp flavors.  They are unapologetic in doing so, and have developed quite a cult following in the process.  This version is their American Pale Ale effectively called Stone Pale Ale.  I decided to serve it in my brand new Firestone Walker glass which I received in a trade last week.  Firestone Walker is another California company but they do not distribute to our state, so this seemed like an appropriate time to break it in.

This beer is very pretty; there’s just no other way to say it.  It pours a lovely ruddy-orange color with a tall head that came billowing over the lip of my glass; much to my delight.  The head was retained for quite a while after this as well.

Aroma is fairly well balanced between sweet malts, grainy notes and of course hops.  It has almost a peanutty aroma with an earthy hop essence as well.  Not as strong on the hops as I had initially expected.

The flavor is pretty nice as well.  Sweet caramel malts are upfront on the taste with a bitter hop edge following directly behind.  The hops are more earthy than floral or piney.  There is a dry aftertaste that comes in after the swallow, mixed with lingering sweet hops.  There is also a bit of light fruit; citrus like near the back.

This is solid through and through, and would make a great summer sipper.  5.4% alcohol, so knock yourself out!




  1. This is one I need to try. I love Stones other offerings, there IPA is fantastic. Give it a try some time. I would be curious to see what you think of it.

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