Day #22 – Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

January 23, 2011

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Day 22 and I am knocking out my foreign beer for the week!

Unibroue is a brewery based out of Chambly, Canada.  (It is pronounced, oo-knee-brew.  Not Uni-brow…)  They have a very distinctive yeasty flavor to all of their beers which lends to a slight fruityness.  The reason for this is that they use their own strain of house yeast in all the beers they brew.  You will notice this in the overt fruit tones in the aroma and flavor.

This beer is classified as an Abbey Trippel and should be served out of a trappist glass or a tulip.  I have selected a Maudite tulip/snifter.  Maudite is another beer from Unibroue.

This beer appears quite cloudy, with a golden color shining through.  The head response is very quick right from the moment of agitation.  I tried to keep most of the cultured yeast out of it but I think that is leading to the cloudiness.

The aroma is very fruity, with a spicy clove like nose and banana.  It is pretty spicy most definitely.  It is quite appealing, with a grainy backbone.

The flavor is spicy as well, with like a earthy ginger flavor.  Fruit also comes through on the palate, and remains till the finish.  There is a bit of alcohol tingle towards the back of the throat with a lingering dryness.  There is also a sweetness that has a soft, floral touch to it.

The alcohol on this is 9%, and it can definitely be felt in a warming fashion.  Thanks Canada!



One comment

  1. I really enjoyed Unibroue and their beers – and it isn’t because I am Canadian!

    Nice review – you picked up on things I noticed in this beer but couldn’t put a name on.

    I am planning a beer tasting party soon that is focusing on the different beers from Unibroue. Check out the results at my blog: http://beerisseur.wordpress.com in a couple weeks.


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