Day #20 – Bear Republic Pete Brown Tribute Ale

January 21, 2011

Today I went with a Big Ole’ Bottle; a 22 oz bottle which is commonly referred to as “bombers”.  A lot of times, specialty batches of beer are only released in these larger size bottles.  The beer today is from a California company called Bear Republic Brewing Co. based out of Healdsburg, CA.  California is one of the richer parts of the US when it comes to quantity of breweries as well as quality.  Craft beer has really made it’s place out West, along with Portland, OR and Denver, CO.  You can expect to see a lot from California as this blog progresses.

This beer is classified as a Brown Ale and should be properly served out of a dimpled mug.  I have selected an old mug of mine from the former Fort Worth brewpub, The Covey.  I really miss those guys…

On to the beer…

Bear Republic Pete Brown Tribute Ale

Quite obviously this beer was brewed in honor of a man who passed named Pete Brown.  He was the sales manager of the Bear Republic brewery till he died in 2002.  This beer was brewed in honor of him a year later in 2003 and has been put into regular production since.

This beer pours a very dark brown color with a tall off-white head.  Lots of carbonation can been seen as it is quite lively.

The aroma here is….odd.  I would first off describe it as very present and up-front.  That’s “present” and not “pleasant”.  I would say I could detect a fair bit of bittering hops on the nose as well as a wood-aged quality to it.  There’s just something else going on here that I can’t quite put my finger on that is eluding me.  It seems slightly spiced but also something of a medicinal quality, like something out of my childhood.  A cough medicine I used to take perhaps; whatever it is I’m not on board.

This poor quality is undetectable in the flavor thankfully.  I taste bitter dry hops right up-front with a very woody finish.  Lots of dry, dusty malts in this.  The malts are the main flavor with the bittering hops providing a backdrop for the beer.

I can admit, after the oddness in the aroma I wasn’t too sure what to think.  Everything I’ve had from this company has been very good and so this one was surprising to me.  The flavor carried through and made better all my previous concerns.  The ABV is 6.5%, so a little higher than average for the style.




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