Day #19 – Jester King Wytchmaker Rye IPA

January 20, 2011

Going with another draught only Texas beer today. I have pretty much decided to try and review 1 Texas beer a week as well as 1 foreign beer. I noticed that I’ve started that trend already so why not keep it up?

Jester King Wytchmaker Rye IPA

Jester King Brewery has only been in business for about 4 months.   They started distributing over the summer and have finally reached North Texas on their distribution list.  They are different, and up and coming which will lead them to success.  This beer is classified as an IPA, but it is heavily mixed with rye which absolutely lends itself in the flavor and aroma.

Pours a very clear, reddish orange color with a slight off-white head. Doesn’t appear to be terribly carbonated but there’s enough to make it interesting.

The aroma is also just as interesting. I detect hops right away with a spicy floral essence. But hiding behind that is a heavy rye feeling. Almost bready but that is negated by the hops.

Flavor is upfront citrus hops that are quite fruity and piney, that immediately translate into a dry bitter, bready characteristic. This coming from the rye that seems to dominate much of the flavor. This is quite interesting because it exhibits two big flavors that seem to battle for dominance. They mesh together in a way, but they also stand apart as well.

This isn’t perfectly balanced but I’m sure the recipe will change ever so slightly with each reincarnation. This would be a solid beer for an introduction to IPAs. It’s not too hoppy but has enough to keep it interesting.




  1. Nice work on this review. Very well written. Keep up the great work dude!

  2. […] so I reviewed the original version of this beer waaaay back on Day #19! Holy crap that seems so long ago. I was but a wide-eyed beer drinker back then who had no idea […]

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