Day #16 – Abita Turbodog

January 17, 2011

I can be honest and say that I have really enjoyed this project thus far.  I was at the beer store yesterday selecting beers for future reviews, and for some reason it hit me that I get to try all of them again!  Most of the beers I have reviewed in this blog were ones that I have had before, although it was a long time ago for some.  I look back at my notes from when I first started reviewing and rating beer and some of them are laughably wrong.  I remember when I first got into trying new beers, I would read what other people had written for the beer and I would try to sound like them, using big words and odd descriptions.  Most of the time they just turned out silly, and as there are always new things to try, I never thought I would get back to trying some of these beers again.  So there you are, just another good reason why I should keep this blog going!

On to the beer…

Abita Turbodog

Abita Brewing Company is based out of Abita Springs, Louisiana and has been in business since the mid 80’s.  According to Wikipedia they are they 17th largest craft brewery in the United States.  Several of their base and seasonal beers are distributed to our area, but today I am starting with my personal favorite from them, Turbodog!  The Turbodog is a brown ale and should be served in a dimpled mug.  I have selected a special Abita glass, because all beer tastes better out of a glass with it’s name on it.

The appearance is a little difficult to see as this is a frosted glass, but there is enough clarity to see that this pours a dark brown color that is fairly clear when held to the light, with an off-white head perched on top.

The aroma is full of roasted notes and chocolate malt.  Very nice to smell and almost a tad bit nutty.  I can never type the word “nutty” without saying it outloud with a British accent.  Stupid Austin Powers…..  Pleasant aroma though.

Flavor is a bit of the same as the nose.  Roasted notes with a bigger pecan flavor coming through, which is surprising because I don’t think this beer has any nuts in it.  Abita does make a pecan beer which is their Autumn seasonal, but this beer has some of the same qualities.  Some dark, bitter chocolate notes come out on the finish.

All in all this is a very tasty beer from a semi-local brewery.  I could grab a Turbodog any day and be quite happy with it.  6.13%.



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