Day #15 – Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale

January 16, 2011

Samuel Adams Irish Red Ale

Samuel Adams again, and I still have plenty left to review.  Being the largest craft brewer in America also means that you make a crap-ton of beer.  They make several styles which are distributed in DFW.   I’ll do my best to spread them out in the future so that you don’t get burned out on the same company.

Irish Ales originated in Ireland (duh) and are characterized by their malty flavor, reddish tint and gently hopped nose.  The reddish appearance comes from the slight use of roasted barley and caramel malts.  They are typically session ales, although this one today is slightly high on the alcohol content.  They should be served in an English Pint or a really cool Samuel Adams glass.  Lucky for me I have the latter.

This beer pours a very clear, ruby orange appearance with a foamy beige head.  When the light shines through it the ruby notes are very pronounced.

This beer is quite malty on the nose.  Lots of malts and dry grains with caramel tones with crushed autumn leaves.  There is also a bit of a mossy quality to the aroma, very typical of an Irish Ale.

The flavor is sweet upfront, with a heavy malt backbone.  After the initial sweetness fades, there is a dryness that comes through, similar to how your mouth would feel after crunching on a dead leaf.  Don’t take that in a bad way, it’s just how it is.  It has a bit of mossy flavor that finishes with a touch of hopped dryness.  This doesn’t finish quite as dry as the Boston Lager from yesterday, but it still contends with it.

5.8% ABV; this Irish Ale isn’t a bad try at the style, but there are much better entries out there.  I will try my best to find some!



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