Day #7 – Deschutes Jubelale

January 8, 2011

Deschutes Jubelale

The Deschutes Brewery was founded in 1988 in Bend, Oregon.  While this was not too long ago, it does make it one of the older craft breweries still in existence.  They have several beers that are distributed to the DFW area including Mirror Pond Pale and Black Butte Porter.

The Jubelale is considered a English Strong Ale.  Around the Christmas holiday there is often a surge of beers that fit into this style.  That is why this style is usually referred to as Christmas Ales.  These beers are often heavily spiced with cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg which plays a major role in the aroma and flavor.  They should be served in either an English Pint Glass or a Trappist Glass.  I have chosen an English Pint from North Coast.

This beer pours a very attractive ruby color with a decently sized cream head.  As it’s held to the light, it shows it’s attractive highlights and proves to be one of the prettiest beers I have reviewed thus far.  I could not find a picture angle that would do justice to the beauty of the appearance, but you can trust me that it is something to behold.

The aroma holds lots of caramel notes and malts.  It is lightly spiced compared to some other beers of the same style, with scents of wooded caramel and perhaps an earthy ginger.  As it warms the hops come out on the nose in a big way. Again and I can’t stress enough, caramel is VERY present in this beer.

The flavor is upfront bitter hops and roasted caramel.  The roastedness comes through a lot in the finish as well.  Some woody grain flavors as well that provide to the astringency.  Light spice is tasted in this but not enough to provide a major impact.

ABV on this is 6.7% which gives a nice warming feeling on this chilly Fort Worth night.



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